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Animation shop-optimization ayarları

Mallyspsp  >>>  Animation Shop Optimization Wizard Settings

Animasyon dersleri

Paint Shop Pro'da Selectionları kullanma ve Alpha selection kaydı yapma

Anlatım: Tamercrea
(Hamza Ofluoğlu)
(Seyranca.com) - Psp dersleri 4. Bölüm- Bilgilendirme

Alpha selection kaydı:
1- Alan seç
2-Disk'e kaydet (isim vererek)
(İstediğiniz sayıda seçim kaydedilir).

3- Boş bir imaj aç ( File- open-New image)

4- Daha önce kaydedilen selectionları diskten yükle
5- Save selection to Alpha channel olareak kaydet

6- İstediğiniz sayıda selectionu  4 ve 5. aşamaları tekrar ederek bu şekilde yükleyin.

7- Kaydettiklerinizi görmek için Selection-Load selection from Alpha channel'e tıklayın.
8-Selection'ları Selections-Select none ile kaldır
9- File-Save as -Psp image olarak bilgisayarınıza istediğiniz dosya içine kaydedin.

Animation Shop- Replace color

By using the Replace Color of Animation Shop
to change the background color of a gif file (simple or animated) or make the background transparent
Tutorial for Animation Shop 3.4 (PSP8) and Animation Shop 3 (PSP7)
1. Open Animation Shop. The program comes attached to the PSP and can be accessed by opening the Paint Shop Pro and clicking File / Jasc Software Products / Launch Animation Shop.
2. Open the Animation click File / Open
and locate in your hd, a gif file to change the background color or make it transparent.
  Click Open. Here we work with the file bee linda.gif, which is an animated gif. You can choose a simple gif - the procedure is the same.
3. An animated gif consists of multiple frames (frames), so that's how it will appear on your screen. The image below shows just some of the frames (frames) that make up the image of the little bee.
4. Click Animation / Animation Properties:
5. It will open the table below:
Tab Canvas Color check the Transparent, if you want the background of the image become transparent and can be applied on any background color.
You can only change the picture background color, enable the Opaque.
6. Now click Replace Color:
7. It will open the table below:
Note the settings:
Replace Color in: enable "All frames" if you want the change to be applied in all the frames that make up the image.
Replace: enable "Old Color" and note that the cursor takes the form of an eyedropper. Place the cursor on the background color you want to change or delete and click on it. The color will be captured and automatically transferred to the comic "Old Color."
With (means to): Unlock "Transparent opacity" if you want a picture with transparent background.
If you want to just change the background color, enable the option "New Color" and proceed as explained above, to capture the new color.
8. Click OK and you will get a picture like this:
On display is only part of the picture and we chose transparent background.
9. Ready. Now let's save our work.
Click File / Save. 
The table opens give a name to your file and click Save.
10. It will open the table below - click "Customize" (meaning customize, configure it according to the user necessiades):
11. This opens up a picture with. 3 tabs Click the tab Colors and set as below:
12. Click on the tab Optimizations with the following settings:
13. Click on the tab Partial Transparency and configure like this:
14. Click OK and will reopen the screen below.
The pointer indicated by the arrow will set the image quality: Better Image Quality (best quality) results in heavier file. 
Moving the pointer down, the image will become lighter (Smaller File Size) , however, it will lose quality.
Click Next. 
15. It will open the following screen: Click Next.
16. Click again on Next.
Will open the screen below, showing the left, the original image, and right, the resulting image of the settings that were set to the rescue. If you do not like the result, go clicking Back until you reach the ponteirinho screen. Push the needle further up, to get a picture with better quality. Do this until you are satisfied with the result. 
16. Click Next. 
Will open the screen below: 
In Current File appears the file size Original.
In Optimized File appears the file size that you are saving.
At this point it is still possible Back and modify the previously chosen settings.
Click Finish. You're ready.
Important: in the case of transparency, the final result will depend on the used file.
In the example used in this tutorial, the withdrawal from the fund took place in a perfect way, resulting in a transparent file that can be used on light or dark backgrounds. In other cases it may become waste from the bottom   or the picture is presented with an irregular outline.
Here is the result:
Tutorial by Mary (MacWolf)
Collaboration Maria Aparecida
Angela collaboration Glavam 
Written and formatted by Angela Glavam for publication on the site 
Touch of Art and book
design by Angela Maria Pereira Glavam 
  Copyright © 2002 by Angela Maria P. Glavam ® 
All rights reserved